Google, the world’s largest technology company, has announced that Guest Mode on Google Assistant will be available in nine additional languages in the coming months, including Hindi, according to a press release.

According to Android Central, Google Assistant’s Guest Mode, an incognito-style feature that works with the Google Assistant, will soon add support for Danish, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Thai, Mandarin (Taiwan), and Hindi in the coming month.

As of right now, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean are the only languages that can be used with the feature.

When enabled, Guest Mode will prevent Assistant activities on the best smart displays, such as the Nest Hub, from being remembered (2nd Gen).

Other people trying to access your smart home device will be unable to find you because your personal information will be excluded from searches as well.

Last year, Google announced the availability of an incognito-style feature for Google Assistant. In order to prevent interactions on Nest speakers and displays from being saved, this setting must be enabled.

In addition to the language expansion, Google announced a number of other updates that are aimed at improving online security.

With effect from next month, the search giant will allow users to enable its account-level enhanced safe browsing feature, which will aid in the detection and prevention of web-based threats against their accounts.

This new toggle will be available in your account settings and when you run a security checkup in the near future.

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