In Australia, a nursing student is urging Apple Watch owners to enable heart rate notifications after the wearable device detected symptoms of a thyroid condition months before the patient was diagnosed.

Numerous people have reported that Apple’s heart rate notifications have assisted them in detecting heart problems, prompting them to seek further medical attention, according to the website AppleInsider.

The wearable device was demonstrated in a recent TikTok video, which demonstrated that it can detect very early changes that could otherwise be diagnosed months later.

Lauren, a TikTok user who posted a video on February 2nd, encouraged viewers of her video to enable notifications for low and high heart rates, irregular heart rhythms, and cardio fitness levels, among other things.

The nursing student from Sydney, Australia, admitted in the video, which was discovered by The Independent, that she should have enabled the features sooner rather than later because it had medical consequences.

Lauren explained that she had been diagnosed with a thyroid condition only a few weeks prior and that she had received treatment for it. “I would have realised something was wrong if my Apple had sent me a notification when something changed,” she admits.

“Instead of waiting for the symptoms to become severe, I could have gone to the doctor earlier in October, when there was such a dramatic drop in a matter of days,” Lauren explained. “I could have avoided all of this by going to the doctor earlier in October.”

Lauren mentioned that her blood pressure had dropped significantly, indicating that her cardiovascular system was not performing as well as it once did.

Other symptoms, such as fatigue, sensitivity to heat, weight gain, dry skin, and increased irritability, were also associated with the drop.

She was diagnosed with thyroid hemiagenesis in December and is currently undergoing treatment for the condition.

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