A new ‘Sell Back Program’ has been launched by online retailer Flipkart. The programme provides customers with a platform to sell their used mobile phones while receiving the appropriate buy-back value in the form of a Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher. This programme will be applicable to all mobile phones, regardless of whether they were purchased on Flipkart. It will also be expanded to include additional categories later in the year.

The programme is currently broadcasting in 1,700 pin codes in cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Patna, among others. It is in line with Flipkart’s efforts to contribute to a circular economy while simultaneously improving its customer offerings and strengthening its re-commerce business, according to the company’s statement.

The launch of the Sell Back Programme follows the recent acquisition of Yaantra, an electronics recommerce company, by the Flipkart Group. The acquisition was made with a focus on developing a meaningful recommerce offering, increasing access to affordable refurbished smartphones, and providing customers with a comprehensive service ecosystem.

It is estimated that approximately 125 million used phones are available in India every year, of which only 20 million make it to the market, according to a recent survey by IDC This amounts to a significant amount of e-waste, which must be addressed as soon as possible. As a solution to this problem, Flipkart’s Sell Back Program provides customers with an easy and simple way to sell their old devices and use the proceeds to purchase any product of their choice on the Flipkart website.

“At Flipkart, we are constantly working towards bringing smart tech-enabled solutions to help our customers purchase the latest, desired products at the best prices,” said Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President and Head of Flipkart’s Growth Charter. As people continue to upgrade their devices, a growing market for reselling devices has emerged, which is highly unorganised and difficult to navigate due to the high volume of transactions. With Flipkart’s Sell Back Program, we hope to contribute to the organisation of this market. In light of the rapid growth of the Indian consumer electronics industry, this programme will help us in our efforts to reduce the generation of e-waste, which is a critical step in the creation of a sustainable economy.”

How it Works:

1: Customers can visit the Flipkart app and select ‚ÄúSell back” from the options in the bottombar

2: Customers assess the value of the used mobile phone by answering 3 simple questions

3: Post customer confirmation, a Flipkart executive will pick up the product from their doorstep within 48 hours

4: Post verification, Flipkart voucher to be issued within a few hours, as per the confirmed sell back value

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